This Date in History Calendar- March 16

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Robert F Kennedy offically announces his candidacy for the U.S Presidency in 1968.

Courtesy:, wikipedia, History Channel

1850: Nathaniel Hawthorne’s literary classic “The Scarlet Letter” is first published.

1916: In pursuit of Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, U.S General John Pershing leads the 7th and 10th Calvary division across the U.S-Mexican border.

1926: the first liquid fueled rocket is launched in Auburn, Massachusetts.

1945: One of World War IIs most dramatic and well-known battles, the Battle of Iwo Jima ends.

1965: Elderly Quaker, 82-year-old Alice Herz, lights herself on fire in Detroit, in protest of the U.S War in Vietnam.

1968: Between 200 and 500 Vietnamese civilians are brutalized and slaughtered by U.S forces in the Mylai Massacre in Vietnam.

1968: U.S Senator Robert F Kennedy (D-NY) officially announces his candidacy for President.

1985: Associated press reporter Terry Anderson taken hostage in Beirut, Lebanon.

1995: Mississippi becomes the final state to ratify the 13 Amendment to the U.S Constitution which outlaws slavery.

2003: The largest organized global peace vigil in history takes place in opposition to the anticipated U.S-led invasion of Iraq.



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