Man to Sell his ‘Life’ on eBay

In hahahas, off-beat, search for personal satisfaction on March 19, 2008 by Editor Z

Ever want to be a 44 year old Australian divorced guy? Well now could be your chance. Yes, Ian Usher, 44 from Perth, Australia is no longer satisfied with life and has “had enough of life”. But instead of just living with the dissatisfaction or contemplating or even attempting suicide, which is usually what we associate with the words “had enough of life!”, Usher has found an unconventional and profitable middle ground.

He going to sell his life, or rather his possessions, friendships, job, and all his possessions online for a sum of $420,000 in Australian currency (which translates to about $385,000) for all you eager out there who want to slip into someone Else’s shoes (literally).


“Hi there my name is Ian Usher, and I have had enough of life! i don’t want it anymore! You can have it if you like!,” reads his website, which has a link to e-bay for bidders.

Usher said his life auction, which starts on June 22, included not only his house and car, but a motorbike, a jet ski, and a spa, but also an introduction to “great friends” and a job at a rug shop in Perth for a trial two week period.

So in other words he is selling all his positions, financial assets, job, and opportunity to meet his friends in one mammoth package of a deal on the cyber auction block.

MY TAKE: He says in the end he will just take his passport and walk away. But i think he needs to cough up his name and the Australian equivalent of his social security number should also be part of the deal. I mean hey, why not sell your identity as well as your life!



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