Click on This – White humor?

In blogs, hahahas, Technology on March 21, 2008 by Editor Z

We have heard comics and social satirists like Chris Rock and Richard Pryor make comedy and analyze the stereotypes and small idiosyncrasies of the African-American community. Carlos Mencia and others have dome the same with the Latino community. However, as a white person, it seems that we always cringe whenever the subject or humor about race arises, and that we ignore the small things and stereotypes associated with our own racial background.

But it seems online there is a hot new blog that does just that and it is getting noticed., counts down the top things most often associated with the Caucasian community in America and dissects them in a humorous way, pointing out things we may have never thought about in that way before. It takes the tone of being humorous with the style of an anthropoligists looking into the practices and elements from the outside.

The blog is said, in a Los Angeles Times article, to have been started less then two months ago by a young aspiring writer.

Some may call it inappropriate, stupid, or politically incorrect. But as a Caucasian I call it insightful and necessary. Its time for us to stop being so uptight and not take ourselves so seriously.




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