"Caddyshack meets reality"

In Films/Film stars, hahahas, off-beat, unintended consequences on March 28, 2008 by Editor Z

So when you have a gopher problem and the weather is dry, don’t ask ‘what would Carl Spackler (played by Bill Murray) do?’

An example when the world of film comedies and real-life collide.On a golf course in Canada two groundskeepers decided to eliminate the gophers using extreme force.One problem the climate has been extremely dry, making for a Caddyshack style ending, minus the dancing gopher.


Two Calargy men wreaked havoc trying to kill gophers with a rodenator, a device which pumps propane and oxygen into their holes and then blasts them out. Unfortunately the grass is really dry and flammable, and 160 acres, including several outbuildings were completely torched, with a value of c$200,000 (U.S $197,000 and falling).

It wasn’t a total failure of mission however, the men did destroy about eight gopher holes before the course was accidently set ablaze, when one of these two guys didn’t pour the propane in deep enough.

MY TAKE: Just another one of the plethorea of examples of just because youy saw something in a movie doesn’t mean it won’t blow up in your face. Actually, as I recall it, something similar happened in CaddyShack as well via Bill Murray.

Watch for yourself:



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