Still naive After all These Years…

In Bush/Cheney Administration, Iraq War, politics, stupidity on April 1, 2008 by Editor Z

Secretary of State Condelezza Rice on Iraq: “I didn’t think it would be this tough.”

Even after the litany of failures and mishaps, U.S Secretary of State and former National Security Advisor Condelezza Rice says she didn’t know ‘it would be this tough.’

I first heard a reference to this article from Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Nebraska) who mentioned it on the Daily Show last night.

USA Today:

Question: Did you ever have any doubt about the impact on foreign policy
that an invasion of Iraq– even if they had WMD, did you ever have a doubt
in the back of your mind, that ‘well this is going to be a tough one for me
coming down the road?
Rice: I thought it would be tough. I didn’t think it would be this tough.

Now that is reassuring. She uses the same explanation I use to say why I couldn’t do a homework assignment to justify a war and the ineptitude of those who pushed for it.

MY TAKE: Condi Rice is not just Secretary of State, but in the first few years of the war and during Bush’s first term she was also National Security Advisor.

Plus how could one who is well-educated, has access to numerous sources as well as history and a lack of updated information; not assume that this would be an arduous task that would be at the price of many casualties, a substantial amount of American energy, and trillions of dollars in American money and debt?

Then ex-Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney in 1994, said that it would be chaos and that in 1991 the George H.W Bush administration the right decision was made not to invade Iraq and if they had chaos would ensue and old sectarian fractures and feuds would emerge.

Former U.S president George .W. Bush and former National Security Advisor Brent Scowkroft portended such a catastrophic disaster in a book that they wrote.

Then Secretary of State Colin Powell foresaw the challenges and tragic sacrifices that could be made if one was to engage in a War with Iraq followed by a lengthy occupation.

In short Rice is responsible for much of this. A Secretary of State’s chief function as one of the most senior members of a president’s cabinet is to work to foresee any obstacles or problems to challenges and efforts that lay ahead and to find political solutions to military and foreign policy conflicts.

In that regard Rice has failed. Not succeeding in creating any type of workable even mildly successful solution to the bedlam she contributed to. And this is the woman, the individual we have entrusted with that responsibility?



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