Boys’ WheelChair and Walker Stolen

In Crime, Injustice on April 5, 2008 by Editor Z

It is incidents like this that just make the world a cruel place with some very depraved souls. In Sacramento, California a disabled seven year old invalid’s wheel chair and walker that allow him to move around, where seized from the front yard by thieves.

Both the walker and wheel chair are said to have been stolen, snatched right off the property on which the young boy resides.

Sacramento Bee:

SACRAMENTO, CA -A Sacramento family is asking for the public’s help after someone stole their disabled son’s wheelchair and walker.

The Thursday morning theft is a major loss for the Brown family, who have two disabled children.

Seven- year-old Ryder Brown’s wheelchair is black and dark green, while his walker is bright green.

Both the wheelchair and walker were left in the front yard of the family’s River Park home as a cue for a bus driver to stop and pick-up Ryder.

” It’s just incomprehensible that anybody would take a wheelchair from anybody, much less a disabled 7 year old boy,” said Bud Brown, Ryder’s father.

Local law enforcement believe that the wheel chair and walker which the boy can’t be mobile without might have been stolen to be sold by thieves as recycled scrap metal.

A $1,0000 reward is being put up for any leads regarding knowledge of the theft and or location of the wheelchair and or walker. Those with information are encouraged to call 916-443-HELP

Here’s a tv News Report on the theft.



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