There is a Dirty Joke here somewhere

In Bush/Cheney Administration, hahahas, off-beat, pictures on April 12, 2008 by Editor Z

No, his pacemaker did not explode due to excitment.

Much is being said about this recent photograph of co-president Dick Cheney who is said to be on a fishing trip, in his recent Ernest Hemningwayesque out door excursions. The picture shows what many speculate to be the image of a naked women reflected in his sunglasses. Bloggers have insinuated about it and the Vice President’s office has responded by saying the image in the reflection of his lenses was someone lighting a cigar or casting his fishing rod. Yeah sure, and there were WMD in Iraq, Al-Queda and Saddam Hussein were in bed together, and Dick Cheney didn’t personally know or support the use of torture on detainees, and respects the will of the American public.



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