Bush Administration Fights to keep Visitor Logs Secret

In Bush/Cheney Administration, politics on April 22, 2008 by Editor Z

Today a U.S Federal Appeals court took up a case involving the White House visitor logs, that documents who goes into to visit the President and Vice President as well as how often they frequent and presumably consul the President.

A Judge ruled against the White House last December in the case, and the White House is challenging that decision.

Its another case of executive power and the President’s right to seek private advice versus the principles of a free, open, and educated public who can right the wrongs of their government.

Yahoo news:

If released, the documents would show how often religious conservatives visited the White House and Vice President Dick Cheney’s residence, allowing a glimpse into how much influence they exerted on government policy.

White House calendars are not generally considered public records, but reporters and watchdog groups have used Secret Service documents, which normally are public, to report on White House visitors.

Rather then having those documents released on a case-by-case basis, the Bush administration wants them considered White House documents, which would keep them from public, to report on White House documents, which would keep them from public view for more then a decade.

A Federal judge rejected White House arguments in December and ordered the documents released. On appeal before the U.S Court of Appeals for District of Columbia circuit, government attorney’s said the President has a well- established right to seek advice privately.

The Nixon administration called, they say they want their excessive use of Executive power to quail politically embarrassing information, sordid practices, and potentially illegal activities back. Where is an Archibald Cox when you need him?

MY TAKE: Notice how the Bush/Cheney regime, who has vast powers not to mention our prosperity (or currently lack there of) and safety in their grasp have privacy rights that are boundless. yet the average person’s rights ( not to be tortured, spied on, or have their information looked at and casually handled by low level government agencies) is always in question in our post-September 11th world, where the existence of truth, the constitution, logic, (and perhaps gravity) are not a given any longer.

Wonder if the administration (which nearly 3/4ths of Americans disapprove of), has ever thought that maybe the release of this type of information could aid in efforts to improve the government. That is unless they have something to hide.

Keep in mind, this is the administration that according to recent reports had known and had knowledge and a detailed say on tactics regarding the torture of detainees and has used broken the law by ignoring FISA laws.

No matter who wins in November, I hope they are better then this disgraceful collection of dunces and corrupt officials. They certainly can’t be much worse.



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