Faux History

In Broadcasting, hahahas, Journalism, television, U.S History, Video on May 2, 2008 by Editor Z

The title seems to say it all. Now maybe they should read a bit of the book.

Fox News Channel is accused by many of having a casual relationship with the facts. But it is probably their constant on-air errors (especially those pertaining to ex- U.S President Abraham Lincoln). A while ago in a special on current President George W Bush, host and White House reporter for the network Brett Baer made reference to Abraham Lincoln, stating that Lincoln was “essentially hated when he was leaving office”.

Note to Brett, Lincoln didn’t exactly leave office in the conventional sense and he had just won the civil war as well as re-election when he “left” office that night when he was shot in the back of the head at Ford’s theater. Not exactly leaving office.

Well now on “Fox and Friends” last weekend when the trio of hosts referenced the 1858 Lincoln- Douglas debates, where Stephan A Douglas and Abraham Lincoln in 1858 engaged in seven high profile debates with an emphasis on the topic of slavery in the state of Illinois for an open U.S Senate seat. But on Fox News when referring to the debate they showed a picture of Abraham Lincoln and not Stephan A Douglas his opponent who supported slavery, but Lincoln Ally and abolitionist Fredrick Douglas.

I know people and networks make mistakes and that is understandable. But come on Fox, this is your second Lincoln error in a matter of months.



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