Nelson Mandela on No Fly List

In Foreign Affairs, History, stupidity, U.S government, war on terror on May 2, 2008 by Editor Z

Former South African President and Anti-Aparthied Activist Nelson Mandela appears on the U.S Government’s ‘No Fly List’.

The “No Fly List”, a database intended to contain the names of known and suspected terrorists and thereby preventing them from boarding commertcial airlines, has long been criticized for its inefficency and inaccuracy.

In the past such high profile figures as singer and Muslim Cat Stevens, Catherine Stevens the wife of U.S Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), U.S Represenative Don Young (R- Alaska), and U.S Senator Edward M Kennedy (D-Massachusetts); have had the experience of being questioned and prevented from flying, after thier names had accidently appeared in the database. Currently there are about one million names in the database.

Recently it was discovered that a number of air marshals, assigned to board flights as undercover agents to guard cockpits against any possible intruders or terrorists, have been unable to board planes because thier names have accidently come up on the list, likely because thier names resemble those of some suspected terrorists or other people on the list. One Marshal even was berated for six years by his colleagues because his name was on the list.

Now, former political prisoner, anti-Aparthied Activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and the first elected President of South Africa Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress (ANC) have appeared on there.

United Press International:

Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s Nobel Prize-winning symbol of hope for leading the fight against aparthied, is reported still on U.S terrorist watch lists.

His inclusion means Mandela must have permission to enter the United States, USA Today said Thursday.

U.S Secretary of State Condelezza Rice calls it “embarassing” and some members of Congress vow to fix it, hopefully by Mandela’s 90th Birthday on July 18.

The same entry requirements apply to other members of South Africa’s governing African National Congress, the once banned anti-Aparthied organization.

In the 1970s and 80’s the ANC was offically branded a terrorist group by the ruling white minority government.

MY TAKE: We might want to fix this system now. Although this is hardly a suprise since Dick Cheney once voted against a resolution in the U.S Congress calling for Mandela’s release and in esscenece agreeing with the Aparthied era government that Mandela was a terrorist. Dick Cheney also views Gahngis Kahn as a man of peace by the way. Just kidding on that last part—– I think.



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