Bush: Ease up on the Saudis, blame the Democrats, environmentalists

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By most accounts U.S President George W Bush’s latest trip to the Middle East has yielded scant if any positive results. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict appears to remain gridlocked, Egyptian media has branded Bush an “appeaser” for what they see as overly praising Israel while not highlighting enough the plight of the Palestinian people, despite Bush’s claims that he favors a Palestinian state. Also he created quite a stir (and some would say an embarrassment for himself, the Republicans, and America; when he stood before the Israeli Knesset and created when he is said to have made a veiled swipe at Democratic Presidential contender Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois), for being willing to sit down with Iran.

Also the Saudis have refused to increase production of oil.

Associated Press:

“I said very plainly, I said ‘you’ve got to be concerned about the effects of high oil prices on some of the biggest customers in the world. And not only that of course, high energy prices(are)going to cause countries like mine to accelerate our move toward alternative energy.

Saudi officials said the Kingdom was pumping all the oil that it’s customers want and that production has been increased by 300,000 barrels a day earlier this month.

“Its something, but it doesn’t solve our problem,” said Bush. “Our problem in America gets solved if we expand our refining capacity, promote nuclear energy, and continue our strategy for the advancement of alternative energy, as well as conservation.”

Rather than criticize the Saudis, Bush turned his fire on Democrats back home threatening to kill a $1.4 billion dollar arms deal to Riyadh unless it pumps at least 1 million additional barrels a day.

“One of the interesting things about American politics these days is those who are screaming the loudest for increased production from Saudi Arabia are the very same people who are fighting the fiercest against domestic exploration , against the development of nuclear power, and against expanding refining capacity,” said Bush, standing on a manicured lawn overlooking the sea, after talks with [Afghanistan Prime Minister]Karzi.

MY TAKE: Its funny how Bush can denounce a political opponent for appeasement, and then days later go and visit the Saudis who are big human rights violators, repress their own people especially women, fund and encourage terrorism, and where 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came from (by the way none of the terrorists involved in the attacks came from Iraq).

Anyway this is just a poor effort to spin his latest and unsuccessful pathetic plea with the Saudis, and his pathetic Middle East tour in general. But as we have seen this week, while Bush may either respect or fear the Saudis, he is more than willing to bring domestic politics with him overseas and continue to play it from a distance. That is what distinguishes as childish and narcissistic politician like Bush, from a true statesmen who would actually engage others on the world stage, seek solutions, and at least put the politics on pause for a moment.

Now Bush might be right that we haven’t increased the number of oil refineries in the United States. But the oil industry also doesn’t appear to want to increase the number of oil refineries either. oil refineries are costly and onerous structures to maintain. As far as nuclear power goes that is great. But there are a few problems with nuclear power. Namely they could provide targets for potential terrorist attacks, in the event of an accident people who dwell or are nearby would fall victim to radioactivity. Also we don’t know of a safe ethical and practical way to dispose or store nuclear waste. After all you just can’t casually throw it into the sea, without facing some dire environmental as well as public health disasters.

And Bush’s energy ‘exploration’? Well what he means by that is drilling, especially in the Arctic National wildlife Refuge. But recent reports have stated that it could take one to two decades to get to that oil before it would have any effect on consumers and even then the rewards would be limited and it could provide just a little more than a years worth of oil at best. Not to mention it would take a fortune to drill for that little bit of oil because roads,pipelines, and houses for the workers would all have to be constructed near the site.

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