What an Idiot- 911 opperator expresses indifference

In Crime, Injustice, jerks on May 19, 2008 by Editor Z

This is a horrible story. I saw this on CNN and it stunned me. How those who hear someone in pain, choking on their own tears and paralyzed by fear for their lives can be brushed aside by someone who is supposed to be professional and attentive is disgraceful. The incident occurred this past February when a woman was being taunted and threatened by her former boyfriend.

AOL News:

Nashville Tv Station WTVF reports Shelia Jones called 911 after her ex-boyfriend held her at knife point. She said he eventually left her home, but kept calling and threatening her.

Emergency officials did not show up until nearly three hours after her initial call.

Jones called 911 again two and a half hours into the incident to say she was afraid. A recording of the call has operator Frank Roth promising Police would be there soon. After Jones hangs up, he says “I really just don’t give a s— what happens to you.”

MY TAKE: Now I understand that after dealing with so many situations and calls in one night might usurp someone of their emotion and patience. But still, people like Jones are depending upon operators like this one, to council and protect her. So after he vows that the police will be sent after she first called two and a half hours prior, he just brushes aside her pleas.

Well Roth has now been fired. But sadly it is incidents like this that breed distrust amongst citizens towards the police and emergency personnel. Maybe someday he will be on the other end of the phone and encounter an operator as indifferent and negligent as him. Hey, that’s how karma works.


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