Local Springfield Teen gunned down

In Crime, local news, tragedy on May 20, 2008 by Editor Z

Mario Hornsby Jr (1989-2008) who was gunned down this weekend in Springfield. May he rest in peace.

A devastating story that occurred this weekend, when Mario Hornsby Jr, a young rising athlete who was to attend Brandies University this coming fall was coldly gunned down in the streets of Springfield.

Many seem comforted to relegate violence to the corners of those who commit it against each other. This is a tragic reminder that criminals often can extinguish the lives around us the burn the brightest.

Springfield is a city frequently rife with violence, crime, and blight. I even know someone who recently was stabbed in the shoulder while in that city. Night after night in western Massachusetts, a viewer of the local nightly news can see
orange cones and yellow streamers of crime scene tape, and hear the names of those so violently and maliciously struck down.

Hopefully this occurrence in which a young life so brimming with promise was snatched from the world, will inspire the residents of that city to arise and push back against the tide of crime that has afflicted that city.


The tragic loss of 19 year old Mario Hornsby has stirred emotions throughout the community and is raising activism against violence.

Monday afternoon students and residents gathered in the area of Springfield where Mario Hornsby Jr was tragically murdered, to honor his life and rally for change.

“Our message today to all the youth of Springfield, stop the violence it’s sad that teens are using such drastic measures to solve such simple problems,” said Mario Hornsby Sr., father of the victim.

Early Saturday morning, Hornsby, a Senior and basketball Captain at Central High School, was gunned down at 73 Maynard Street in Springfield. Hornsby was an innocent victim caught in the crossfire and suffered a bullet to the back.

Family and friends came out to grieve for this young life who had a bright future ahead of him.

Hopefully those who committed such a cruel deed, so brutally erased a life from this world. All those who could have met him in the years that lay ahead will now meet one less person in their lives.

To those who think that only miscreants and criminals live in the ghettos and low income sections of American cities, this latest incident says otherwise. That those who seek to rise from such conditions face great challenges in doing so. May he and other innocent victims of such senseless atrocities rest in peace.

UPDATE: A suspect was arrested yesterday by Springfield Police.The suspect is 17 year old Kieson Cuffe is now in police custody and is being held without bail. He set to be arraigned today. More as it develops.

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