Senator Edward Kennedy said to have malignant brain tumor

In health, local news, politics on May 20, 2008 by Editor Z

U.S Senator from Massachusetts for the past 44 years known as the ‘liberal lion’ of the Senate, Senator Edward M Kennedy is said to be afflicted with a malignant brain tumor.

Kennedy, 78 was hospitalized on Saturday with initial reports stating it was a stroke, but later revealed to be a pair of seizures. He has had no This afternoon it was revealed the Kennedy is suffering from malignant Gliona, a malignant brain tumor in his left lobe that requires a radiation and chemotherapy.

Reaction to this and further developments will be posted as soon as they are released.

Meanwhile those who want to send thier wishes and express thier hopes for the Senator’s recovery can do so at his website.

Reacting to the news Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain (R-AZ), as well as Democratic nominees Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill)have released statements as well as Senator John Kerry (D-MA),and President Bush.


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