Local Teen Pleads Innocent in Murder of Local High School Basketball Captain

In Crime, local news, tragedy on May 21, 2008 by Editor Z

Kieson Cuffee, 17 pleading not gulity in court in connection with the murder of Mario Hornsby Jr.

The latest in the weekend murder of a 19 year old Springfield Honor student and Central High School athlete. A suspect appeared in court yesterday to face charges and plead not guilty.

Springfield Police are still searching for witnesses, accomplices, and possible additional suspects in the murder. It is the beginning of a painful case that has captured the attention and hearts of Springfield and Western Massachusetts residents. This latest incident just shows what Springfield has devolved into with its high crime rate. Hopefully this can be the end of a long trend.


A Springfield teenager pleaded not guilty in a murder that shocked the city.

17 year old Kieson Cuffee is being held without bail in the murder of Mario Hornsby Jr, Captain of the Central High School Basketball team.

The courtroom was packed and Courtroom security was heavy as Cuffee was arraigned on murder and other charges.

William Bennett, the District Attorney, said Cuffee hid in nearby bushes, then got up, yelled something and began firing, hitting Hornsby in the back.

Bennett said that despite the arraignment, the investigation and search for other suspects continues.

Bennett would not speculate on a motive, whether Hornsby was the intended target of the shooting, or what words may have been shouted or exchanged.

Hopefully this nightmare that has plagued a community and a family can come a little bit closer to an end if any suspects out there can be turned into the city police or if any witnesses who have any knowledge of anything surrounding this event can come forward.

So if you have any information that could be useful in this case, please contact the Springfield Police Department.

Picture: From Springfield CBS 3.


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