Hillary Clinton invokes RFK’s assasination as reason to stay in the race.

In 2008 Presidential Elections, assasination, politics, stupidity, U.S History on May 24, 2008 by Editor Z

Democratic Presidential contender and U.S Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) invoked the 1968 assassination of Senator Robert F Kennedy (D-NY)as a reason to stay in the race against Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois), this past Friday.

The remark was made during an interview with the Editorial board of a South Dakota newspaper, the Sioux City Argus Leader. Clinton was asked about why despite having fewer elected delegates and fewer super delegates, she still remained in the race.

She responded, saying that her husband did not have the Democratic nomination locked up until about June of 1992. She then added:

“We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.”

The Obama campaign responded,calling the comment “unfortunate” and the Clinton campaign at first issued a statement saying that the statement was made as one example of how the Democratic primary can often stretch into the Summer without having a clear nominee. Clinton also issued a public apology to the Kennedy family, but never specifically referencing Senator Obama or that she was wrong to bring up assasination this afternoon.

MY TAKE: This is no doubt an unfortunate gaffe that proves just how desperate her campaign is. The fear of Obama being assassinated is one that I have heard brought up by so many of my friends and people I am acquainted with. After all there has only been one U.S president in our country’s history that did not conform with the white Anglo-Saxon Protestant male that 42 of our Presidents have been. Coincidentally, it was John F Kennedy who broke with that mold as the first Roman Catholic President who in office was so tragically gunned down in 1963. The fear that Obama could fall prey to the same fate is one that is on the minds of many I know and to use that fear as a justification is just inane.

Clinton must be aware that if worse came to worse and something was to befall Obama or force him from the campaign, she need not be forced to remain in the race. She could just suspend her campaign and re-enter in the event of something like that happening.

Clinton’s campaign for the Democratic nomination, if it hasn’t already, has just in a sense, become her own version of what Iraq has become for George W Bush. A feeble and desperate excuse is given only to be exposed as at odds with reality and then another explanation is propped up only to meet the same fate. She is becoming more and more like Bush everyday in this regard. So maybe this is a sign that she should bring her campaign to an end.

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3 Responses to “Hillary Clinton invokes RFK’s assasination as reason to stay in the race.”

  1. Given all of the things throughout history which have happened in June, Hellary mentions the assassination of Bobby Kennedy? An unusually close parallel to Obama or wishful thinking or maybe instructions to the wack job racist out there?“You guys aren’t doing your job!”That’s what I hear Hellary saying!Maybe that’s just me, …. we will find out at Barak’s wake.

  2. Execellent post- thank you- I am doing a Blog Round up on this tomorrow- I will add you as well…Hideous thing …..( did you run into me at C&L ?)

  3. gonna blogroll you as well, great blog…

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