Memorial Day- I actually find Something on Tammy Bruce’s blog That I Agree with

In Holidays, U.S History, War on May 24, 2008 by Editor Z

The tombstones of Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C.

Seldom will you ever read or hear me say that I am in agreement with radio talk show host and neoconservative Tammy Bruce about anything. But this post on her blog by frequent Tammy Bruce contributor Maynard, who supposedly wrote the following post last year and had it re posted this year about Memorial Day.

Maynard writes how such a Holiday designed to remember those who sacrificed themselves on the front lines of protecting liberty sacrificed their time, money, hours, years, peace of mind, limb, and many times their very lives. Its a message that I think people of all political persuasions can find some agreement with.

Memorial Day commemorates U.S men and women who have died in Military service to our country. It’s a time to pause and give thanks to those who paid the price for the freedoms that we have too often taken for granted.

Yes, recreations such as the Indianapolis 500 have become part of our Memorial Day tradition. But please don’t forget the solemn nature of the occasion. One of my pet peeves is people who say ‘Happy Memorial Day’except as an occasion for another sale. No point in being a sourpuss about this inappropriate behavior, but please don’t try to propagate it.

Maynard is right. All too often we view Memorial Day as just another excuse to have a barbecue, go on a camping trip, or to have a special sale to increase profits. That may all be well and good in some cases, but the orgins and reasons for having this day of remembrance for those warriors and guardians of freedom who have fought valiantly to preserve the tenants and spirit of our constitution, the vibrance of our history, our very lives, and the future that we hope to make for ourselves.

In a society of increasing consumerism, we have to remember the sacred things like this that can’t be purchased with currency. For the sacrifices those men and women have made is worth far more then that.


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  1. You are right on the money…..

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