EWWW.. is that the dead inventor of the pringles container in my Pringles can?

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Remember in the Big Lebowski, when the characters played by Jeff Bridges and John Goodman use a Folgers coffee can to transport the ashes of a dead friend to scatter in the ocean? Well if you don’t you probably haven’t seen the movie or seen the movie in quite some time, (if you haven’t seen it I strongly recommend it). But if you have seen it, here is another take on the idea.

Evidently the family of the pringles can inventor has decided to do that, but with a new twist. They will bury his ashes in …. a pringles can. No word on whether they will be the original flavor, cheese, sour cream, or pizza flavored.


The American designer of the Pringles potato crisp packaging tube was so proud of his accompolishment that a portion of his ashes has been buried in one of the iconic tall cylinders.

Fredric J Bauer of Cincinati, died on May 4 at the age of 89. Mr Baur’s children said they had honoured his request at a burial in suburban Sporingfield Township.

Mr Baur was an organic chemist and food storage technican who specialized in research and development and quality control for Procter& Gamble.

He filed for a patent in 1966 for the tubular pringles container and the method used to pack a stack of precisely curved chips inside.

MY TAKE: It would be cool to have my ashes placed in a pumpkin and left in a desolate area, so the pumpkin could decompose and my ashes could then gradually become part of the earth, along with remanants of the pumpkin.


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One Response to “EWWW.. is that the dead inventor of the pringles container in my Pringles can?”

  1. lol i remember that commercial!

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