This Date in History- June 9 (havent done this in awhile)

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Courtesy:, wikipedia, History Channel

1790: The “Philadelphia Spelling Book” by John Barry becomes the first U.S copyrighted book.

1915: Ex-three time Presidential candidate and U.S Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan resigns, over the U.S policy and that of then President Woodrow Wilson in response to the sinking of the RMS Lusitania by German submarines.

1916: Les paul is born.

1934: Disney cartoon Donald Duck makes his premiere.

1953: A pair of tornadoes break off from one storm system, one strikes Flynt, Michigan and the other Worcester, Massachusetts.

1954: During a hearing of the House on Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), Army special counsel Joseph Welch lashes out at Senator Joseph McCarthy asking if he has “no shame” during a hearing on whether or not communists have infiltrated the ranks of the U.S Army.

1963: Actor Johnny Depp is born.

1967: During the Six day War, Israel seizes the Syrian Golan Heights.

1968: Days after Senator Robert F Kennedy (D-NY) is assassinated U.S President Lyndon Johnson declares a national day of mourning.

1978: The Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints declares that the church will allow black men to enter the Priesthood.


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