Would You quit your Job over not having access to You tube and facebook?

In economics/money, off-beat, stupidity, Technology on June 12, 2008 by Editor Z

I have one, but I think this love affair with facebook may be getting out of hand for some.

Throughout history workers have threatened to quit and strike for a myriad of different reasons, conditions, and causes. These include: low wages, poor health care, pensions, workers comp, unsafe working conditions, child labor, lack of oppurtunity, and no days off. But now there is a new cause out there and the message is clear and unmistakable. For about 39 percent of workers between the ages of 18 and 24 this is the message, NO FACEBOOK, NO YOUTUBE, NO PEACE! That’s right, they would be willing to forgo their jobs if they were barred from checking facebook or watching a dumb youtube video.

A survey by IT Services firm Telindus found that 29 percent of 18 to 24 year olds would consider leaving if they were not allowed to access applications like facebook and You tube.

A further 21 percent indicated that they would feel annoyed by such a ban.

The problem is less acute with 25 to 65 year olds, of whom just 16 percent would consider leaving and 13 percent would feel annoyed.

MY TAKE: I know that I shouldn’t be surprise but nevertheless this finding but I am nonetheless astonished. thirty- nine percent! And they wonder why people often roll their eyes at my generation.

First off though, of course the problem is going to be less ‘accute’ with workers 25-65 years old. The older a person is, the less Internet savvy and less Internet connected they are. They are in other words less likely to watch you tube, have a facebook, or in some cases even e-mail. I mean how many senior citizens do you see have a picture posted on facebook of themselves taking bong hits for breakfast? How many of them are likely to sit constantly watching a video on the Internet of a monkey sniffing his own poop?

Secondly, those 39 percent need to start thinking. Now I am against employees blocking sites too. I think it is stupid and it turns employers into a sort of quasi parent. But at the same time you are hired to do a job, not surf the Internets. At my job, I stock shelves and we don’t even have the Internet there and I am not foaming at the mouth in a panic going through cyber space withdrawals.

I guess one reader at best sums up my thoughts on it this way:

Wow, what a bunch of morons. I don’t make money off facebook, I make money by working a job. Boo hoo I can’t go on Facebook for 40 hours of my life. Well guess what? There are 128 other hours of the week you can access Facebook. If that isn’t enough then you are a freaking loser. Financial stability > Facebook

By the way if you are one of those 39 percent I wanna know what else you would do for facebook access. It could be like those old “what would you do for a klondike bar” ads.


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