Fight the Smears

In 2008 Presidential Elections, internet, politics, Technology on June 13, 2008 by Editor Z

In a political campaign disagreements aired by an opponent about a candidate’s views on the issues, policy, and matters of government are commonplace and justified. We all have a stake in the course that is charted or could be charted for our nation.

But in frequently rumors and defamatory assaults on a candidates character as well as lies about a candidates life are spread by campaigns of opponents, outside interest groups, or the surulious and absurd attacks by Fox News and talk radio (increasingly becoming one in the same).

So in response to mass e-mails that assert Obama is a secret Muslim bent on America’s destruction, that he hates America, and other such nonsense, his campaign has established the website,. to combat some of the rumors and innuendo that have littered the Internet landscape.


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