News and Such – June 14, 2008

In Crime, Foreign Affairs, hippie scene, Iraq War, local news, off-beat, Satelite Radio, tragedy, Weather on June 14, 2008 by Editor Z– (local) Parents of Springfield,MA murder victim speak out against gang violence. Britain’s Princess Eugenie caught “frolicking” naked.

Washington– (International) Possible trouble on the horizon for U.S Forces in Iraq: Iraqi government voicing opposition to U.S backed Status of Forces agreement and grumblings from Shiite Cleric moqtada Al-Sadr calls for new violent offensives against U.S Forces.

Taunton Gazette– More on the Iowa floods.– Remembering the life and accomplishments of Tim Russert. Remember to say a prayer for his family.

L.A TIMES– (crime) Reportedly near death, Manson family member and convicted murderer Susan Atkins could be released.

Tammy– Happy Flag Day! Celebrate our stars and stripes.

Sirius: Gravy in your ear today at 4:00pm Eastern time on Sirius 17 Jam On. Check for times of rebroadcast.


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