‘Red Eye’ Host is Right On When it Comes to Susan Atkins

In Broadcasting, Crime, Journalism, television on June 18, 2008 by Editor Z

Sharon Tate, the most famous victim of Susan Atkins and the Manson family who was butchered along with her unborn baby and four friends in 1969.

Susan Atkins, was one of a collection of Charles Manson‘s cult members who on the nights of August 9 and 10, 1969; terrorized Los Angeles and much of America with the infamous Tate-Labianca murders.

The first set happened at the home of actress Sharon Tate and Film Director Roman Polanski. Polanski was away shooting a film, while the Pregnant Sharon Tate and four others were at their Los Angeles estate when Atkins and others butchered tate and her baby, and killed four other people on the scene.

In 1971, Manson, Atkins, and a number of others were sentenced to death for the murders, however their sentences were commuted to life in prison after the U.S supreme Court in 1972, ruled that the death penalty was unconstitutional, thus abolishing capitol punishment for a time.

Now at age 59, Atkins begs forgiveness and is requesting that she be released, for the last months of her life as she now suffers from Brain cancer and will die in a few months from the disease.

Despite pleas from Sharon Tate’s younger sister that Atkins not be paroled, the request is under consideration and will be decided on in the next few months.

Personally I don’t feel Atkins should be released. First, I don’t know what her behavior has been like in prison for the past thirty-seven years and even if I did she was ruthless and merciless in her slaughtering of Tate, her friends, and in other murders. This might sound cold, but the only reason why she is now dying and is not now dead as a result of execution, is because the supreme court ruled against the Death penalty in 1972. She should be allowed to have more visitors maybe, have her work assignments (if there are any) lessened dramatically, and maybe moved to the prison hospital or something, but not let out into civilized society. She ceded her membership to that club 39 years ago.

Now Greg Gutfield, the often immature and sophomoric conservative host of the Fox News Channel’s ‘Red Eye’ is someone I almost never agree with. He seems unfeeling, simplistic, and poorly informed. I view him sometimes like a car wreck. Something ugly to watch in action, but you can’t help but sometimes watch and be a little curious about. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. Here is his post on the subject on his blog


But can it really be that hard to change from a monster to a moonbeam, if you have 37 years of down time? And remember where she is starting from. Susan Atkins didn’t just kill a family, she killed Tate’s unborn baby, after Tate pleaded with her not to. During the trail, Atkins laughed at and mocked her victim’s family. At that nadir, you really can’t get any worse only better.

Now she disavows her horrific behavior, and I believe her. But does it matter if she’s changed? Sharon Tate’s changed too. forever. It’s called death.

And in my book, being alive, happily married (which Atkins is), and being interviewed by a famous news anchor trumps being dead. No matter the punishment, Atkins still has a life.

But now, with brain cancer, she’s going to lose it and wants to live her final months in freedom. I’m inclined to say no.


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