Editor’s Note: Going Away For a Few Days, So Open Thread in the Meantime

In Editor's Notes, internet, personal on June 19, 2008 by Editor Z

I am going off on vacation. Well no, not quite that ambitious. Not a cruise or even some exotic far away place. Tomorrow I will just being driving about an hour and a half in my 1998 Ford Taurus, to the Worcester area to visit my father for a belated father’s day, my step-mother, my grandparents, and hopefully my friend Michaela (by the way call me if you see this Michaela) for a weekend of sorts.

I will be leaving tomorrow morning and will likely be out there until Saturday evening. Then on Sunday I have to work 9-5, so if i do any blogging at all over the course of those four days it will most likely be on Saturday night, since I won’t be blogging there or taking my laptop with me. I will be back blogging on either Sunday night or Monday. In the meantime open thread. leave comments and share your idea and links by clicking on the climate line in the box below each post to share your ideas and express yourself.

See you Monday and until then enjoy.


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One Response to “Editor’s Note: Going Away For a Few Days, So Open Thread in the Meantime”

  1. kudos on the headcount buttong, Im an SEO specialist, volunteering my time with the org. unfortunately the button as an SEO strategy is skewed because it has no text search engines can read! if you linked to us somewhere with the text “register to vote” as anchor or put that in the alt tag of the button that would help us show up and get the vote out to fellow heads!

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