More on the Michael Savage Autism Remarks

In Autism/ Aspergers Syndrome, Broadcasting, Chattering classes/punditry, economics/money, health, shameful on July 28, 2008 by Editor Z

The criticisms and heat continue to mount on Conservative Talk radio personality Michael Savage, following his July 16 remarks on his nationally syndicated “Savage Nation” talk show where he said amongst other things that a child with Autism is usually ” a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out”.

Savage, although embattled, has persisted in defending his remarks, by saying that although Autism does exist, a corrupt nexus between psychicans and the pharamacutical companies designed to get children hooked on drugs such as Ritalin.

Now not only are people are people calling for his show to be pulled off the air and for him to be fired by the Talk Radio Network, which carries his show. Several major sponsors have already pulled their ads and distanced themselves from Savage and his controversial statements. (H/T to Andrew Sullivan for this latest update on the Savage madness).


The conservative shock jock’s comments sent shock waves through the autism community. Parents and autism activists staged rallies in protest in New York and San Francisco

“We are here to call for the firing of Michael Savage. For his truly hurtful, outrageous and inaccurate statements,” said one protester.

And the backlash didn’t stop there. Sponsors of Savage’s radio show, such as AFLAC Insurance and Home Depot, have pulled their advertisements. Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus gave $25 million for the creation of Autism Speaks, in 2005, and sits on the group’s board of directors.

Despite the outcries and some sponsors being lost, the Talk Radio Network continues to stand by Savage.

An interesting post was also written on a blog for U.S News and World Report about Savage;’s remarks, and how Savage’s take on the issue contradicts the scientific facts.



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