McCain on Corsi book: "Gotta Keep your sense of Humor sense of humor."

In 2008 Presidential Elections, jerks, neoconservatives, politics, stupidity on August 18, 2008 by Editor Z

It is hypocritical and ironic that a self described “straight talker” like Senator John McCain (R-AZ), uses character and often extols the virtues of good character, but suddenly when his opponents’character is under fire from a bigoted writer like Jerome Corsi, he basically says Obama should just laugh it off. And I bet he found those allegations back in the 2000 Republican primary race by then Texas Governor George W Bush (R-TX) and his supporters, that McCain had brain damage from his time as POW and that he had illegitimately fathered a black child were a laugh out loud riot.

Los Angeles Times:

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee was asked by a reporter if he had a response to the best-selling “Obama Nation” by Jerome Corsi, which repeats discredited allegations about Obama and portrays him as a stealth radical with extensive Muslim ties

McCain stepped toward the reporter, and the journalist repeated the question: “The Jerome Corsi book? That book, ‘Obama Nation,’ Jerome Corsi, that some people are asking . . . “

The senator replied, “Gotta keep your sense of humor,” and the media were escorted from the room as scheduled at the end of a breakfast meeting.

McCain’s campaign later said that the candidate misheard the question at the time.

However, when MSNBC questions whether McCain got some of the questions ahead of time, or simply watched them on tv, the McCain campaign lashes out at NBC. Where is that sense of humor Senator McCain?

Well to McCain there is a double standard. Both the campaign style of the new John McCain and his embrace of the neoconservatives foreign policy can be summed up by the statement of a past Arizona Senator and Republican Presidential Candidate that “extremism in defense of liberty is no vice.” In other words that the means justify the end. And just think if he is elected President, we can look forward to that as America’s new mantra.

UPDATE (11:54 p.m. ET): McCain’s story on “Pure evil” at the Rick Warren Saddleback forum is now also being strongly disputed. Hope McCain maintains his sense of humor. The once steady straight talk seems to constantly veer off the steady path (and recently crash).


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