McCainiac Mansions

In 2008 Presidential Elections, politics on August 22, 2008 by Editor Z

Could McCain’s latest Gaffe that he forgets how many houses he owns (or his wife owns) be more than a one or two day story? Well it appears that way. Following months of himself being labelled an elitist in both the Democratic primary by fellow Democratic contender Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY), as well as Senator John McCain and the Republicans in the lead up to the conventions, Obama is taking this and a series of other gaffes (such as having to make $5 million or more to be considered by McCain to be wealthy) and his penchant for $500 shoes, to paint McCain as the elitist.

A new ad has been released on the issue. And one Obama backer even proposes using key chains at the convention to mock McCain in a fashion reminiscent of the 2004 Republican convention when Republicans sported band aids with purple hearts to mock then Democratic Presidential Nominee, Vietnam War War Veteran, and Purple Heart winner Senator John Kerry (D-MA).



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