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The 2008 Democratic ticket. Democratic Presumtive Candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill), on the right. Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Senator Joe Biden (D-De), on the left.

Despite the Obama’s campaigns continuing silence, reports have surfaced that several candidates have been informed that they would not be presumptive Democratic Candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill).

Reports have surfaced that despite pressure from her most ardent supporters, former First Lady and former fellow Democratic contender Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) will not be the Vice Presidential Candidate, nor has she even been vetted. Obama and Clinton endured a rough primary season with constant attacks upon each other being played out in the media. Many have suspected that a portion of Clinton’s voters were so angered by Clinton’s perceived bad treatment by the media during the Primary that many have threatened not to support him, although since the primary season ended, Clinton herself has campaigned some and publicly supported Obama.

The more likely and much talked about contenders for the Vice Presidency who are not going to be chosen have according to many sources been informed. The most talked about nominees aside from Senator Clinton in these recent weeks who have been most talked about as Vice Presidential candidates include Gov. Kathleen Sebilius (D-KS), Gov Bill Richardson (D-New Mexico), Gov Tim Kaine (D-VA), former Indiania Governor Senator Evan Bayh (D-In), and Senator Joseph Biden (D- Del).

In the past few days the names have largely been narrowed to Biden, Sebilius, Kaine, and Bayh. Obama supporters and media alike will be informed of who Barack Obamas running mate will be tomorrow via text message, as he appears with his running mate in Springfield Illinois where Obama first began his campaign for the Democratic nomination in the biting Winter air back in February of 2007.

Gaggles of reporters, journalists, and television cameras have been stationed outside the homes of Democratic V.P finalists: Biden, Bayh, and Kaine. Sources reveal tonight, however, that Bayh and Kaine will not be the Vice Presidential Nominee. By and large Biden is now said to be the favorite by the chattering classes.

Joseph Biden, the 65 year old silver-haired Senator and former lawyer from the state of Delaware is outspoken and well known. He was born and has strong early roots in Scranton Pennsylvania. Biden was first elected to the U.S Senate in 1972 at 30 years of age. Biden is steeped in Foreign policy experience and has served a great many years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which he is currently Chairman of. Biden also is a prominent member of the U.S Senate Judiciary Committee.

Biden is a left leaning moderate within the Democratic party. He is pro-choice, but has in the past backed bans on partial Birth abortion. Biden is best known for his Foreign policy experience, and although he voted to support the 2002 Iraq War resolution, he has been very vocal in his criticisms of the War. His plan in 2006 and 2007 when Iraq was in a state of chaos, he proposed the Biden Galeb plan (constructed by Biden and Foreign policy analyst Leslie Galeb) that would essentially bring more of a federalist approach in delegate more power to the provinces in Iraq with a weaker central government.

Biden is known however to be vocal and to occasionally make gaffes. In 2006 Biden sparked a great deal of controversy when he spoke about Indian Americans and 7/11s and in late 2007 when he kicked off his own campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination. He called Obama “clean and articulate”. A statement that by some was viewed as racist or condescending. Biden later apologized.

During the primary season Biden performed well in debates and later claimed that every statement from Republican Presidential candidate and Ex-New York City Mayor Rudy Gulliani contained three things ” a noun, a verb, and 9/11″. He also was fairly eruidte in his debate performances. However, in a crowded field, Biden struggled to get ahead in the race for the nomination and was constantly low in the polls. Following a dismal performance in the January 3, 2008 Iowa Caucuses, Biden ended his campaign for the nomination.

Biden is from Delaware, a relatively strong Democratic state with merely three electoral votes. He also has penchant for gaffes. But Biden has proven lately that he can prudent in his statements as well, and his Catholic faith, reservoir of experience, and his roots in the swing state of Pennsylvania’s white working class as well as his charismatic smile, can deliver many of the constituents that Obama has had difficulty in garnering support from.

CNN also reports that the Obama campaign has requested a list of surrogates who can vouch for Biden’s character and act as spokespeople in the press and the campaign trail.

More as the story develops.

UPDATE: ABC News says that a number of Secret Service agents have been deployed to the Biden residents.

For more on Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE):

Biden’s Senate website

Biden’s wikipedia.

UPDATE (12:56 A.M ET)- CNN confirms from sources that Biden is in fact the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee.



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