Pat Buchannan takes the Neocons to Task.

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Georgian Lobbyist, McCain adviser, and now Pat Buchannan target Randy Scheunemann.

I know that Pat Buchanan, the former aide to Presidents Nixon and Reagan, who is alsp the former three time Presidential candidate and commentator; is a little out there. His screeds against immigrants can be taken as xenophobic at times and he might not always be all there.Even his foreign policy at times does seem a bit too isolationist. But given the blood bath that the Bush/Cheney/ Weekly Standard writing Neocons have gotten us into over the course of these past few years and the damage they have done to America and her image; I am compelled to yell “Go Pat’!

In his latest column,Buchannan takes to the cleaners Randy Scheunemann, a devout apostle to the neocon idoicy and a lobbyist for the Georgian government, who has a part in the McCain campaign. Fire away.

Scheunemann’s resume as a War Party apparatchik is lengthy. He signed the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) letter to President Clinton urging war on Iraq, four years before 9/11. He signed the PNAC ultimatum to Bush, nine days after 9/11, threatening him with political reprisal if he did not go to war against Iraq. He was executive director of the “Committee for the Liberation of Iraq,” a propaganda front for Ahmad Chalabi and his pack of liars who deceived us into war.

Now Scheunemann is the neocon agent in place in McCain’s camp.

The neocons got their war with Iraq. They are pushing for war on Iran. And they are now baiting the Russian Bear.

Is this what McCain has on offer? Endless war?

Why would McCain seek foreign policy counsel from the same discredited crowd that has all but destroyed the presidency of George Bush?

Once again I hate to agree with Buchanan mand I think the term “neocon agent” sounds a bit absurd, but he is asking the right questions here.



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