Democratic Convention Round-up

In 2008 Presidential Elections, politics on August 25, 2008 by Editor Z

> The Democratic National Convention speakers list.

> Democratic Convention website.

> Fox News is fitting into the Democratic Convention scene like Mel Gibson at a Barmistfa. They insist on painting Denver 08 as Chicago 68. In turn, a part of the convention center is facing difficulties with the sprinkler system which seems to be constantly going off. That section is where the Fox News box is stationed. And there is this little encounter that Fox reporter Griff Jenkins faced with some protesters in Denver.

Somewhere Keith Olbermann is smiling.

> Also, Neoconservative pencil neck William Kristol (who is even more annoying than Bill Crystal) suggests that McCain pick Liebermen for Vice President. Yeah, because it worked so good for the Democrats.

> Full convention coverage on sirius channel 113.

> New ad mocking the McCain campain’s new found infatuation with Hillary Clinton.



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