Anniversary of the U.S backed Chiliean Coup

In Cold War, Films/Film stars, History, September 11 on September 11, 2008 by Editor Z

Today is the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, but today is also the anniversary of the U.S backed 1973 coup of Chilean Socialist President Salvador Allende and the ascendancy to power of the tyrannical U.S backed Chilean military government of dictator General Augusto Pinochet.

Speaking of which, although they never mention the country of Chile by name in the film, was the subject of the 1982 film Missing, which is based on the incredible and outrageous true story of young American journalist Charles Horman, who disappears as the ouster of Allende and the barbarous U.S backed military coup unfolds in chaos and bloodshed all around the country. Horman (John Shea), soon disappears, leaving behind his young wife Beth (Sissy Spacek), who is distrustful of the U.S embassy officials who say they are trying to find her husband, but seem more concerned with suppressing perceived opponents of the newly installed military regime, who they accuse of having communist sympathies, then finding answers to the whereabouts and faith of her husband.

Soon Ed Horrman, (Jack Lemmon in a brilliant Academy Award nominated performance), a conservative businessman who has always had a bit of a strained relationship with his daughter-in-law arrives to find his son. Initially trustful of the U.S authorities, Ed Hormann soon learns that the U.S officials may know more than they are letting on and may even have something to do with his son’s fate.

Fascinating and shocking account of a story that shows the complexities of the cold war and an innocent man who got tangled in Cold War geopolitics. It will both cause you to become outraged and keep a tight grip on your attention. Nominated for Best picture Academy Award in 1982.



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