Would You Buy a bottle of New York Tap Water

In food/drink, off-beat on September 19, 2008 by Editor Z

There is actually someone selling tap water from New York .


NEW YORK – A company is bottling New York City tap water and selling it in stores for $1.50.

Tap’d NY founder Craig Zucker says when he first came to the city in 2003 from Ohio he could tell right away that the tap water was better.

Last year, he founded his bottled water company, which promotes itself as having a “local twist.”

Now I understand that New York has a reputation for cleaner and better quality drinking water then many other places and despite the absurdity of the concept I too am gulity of from time to time buying and drinking bottled water.

But why would someone knowingly buy tap water? Well I guess there is a market for everything.

Paying for water overall is kind of a stupid concept. Water is something that people need to live and consume (not to mention living organisms already are composed of so much of it), its not like oil or natural gas which have alternatives and aren’t used in climates and countries all over the world.



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