Sarah, She is Just too Honest and Knowledgable for the American People to Hear her Answer Questions

In 2008 Presidential Elections, Journalism, media, neoconservatives, politics on September 25, 2008 by Editor Z

Over at neoconservative radio talk show host Tammy Bruce’s blog, blogger Pat states in a piece entitled “Sarah is Too Honest for Major Media” that the problem of Palin and the media isn’t that she refuses to answer questions from the media at nearly every event. But that Palin is just too honest for the Press and the American people to handle. I guess she is so honest it is like hazardous levels of candor that no mere mortal could possibly survive or bear. She is so honest, therefore she can’t answer questions? Try wrapping your head around that one.

Right wingers used to accuse progressives of worshiping Obama and crafting a cult of personality around his campaign, but it appears that is just what the neoconservatives and apostles of the right are doing with Palin.

“Sarah is Too Honest for Major Media”

I think Sarah Palin’s honesty is like blood in the water for the media sharks. Just like Charles Gibson, Katie Couric backed Sarah into a corner on a question. The typical politician knows how to filibuster, Sarah tries to give an answer. Sarah is just the kind of person we need in Washington because of her forthright honesty. Sarah needs a few lessons in sparring. We need her for the fight.

Although in fairness to Palin she has finally held some variation of a news confrence (answered a couple of questions) and answered some questions, you know like an actual candidate?

UPDATE: Also need clarification on Gov. Sarah Palin’s (R-Alaska)remarks that she can see Russia from Alaska and therefore has foreign policy clout? Well now she says that since Russian planes fly in American airspace that therefore she has foreign policy experience.

So Alaska is our first line of defense in case of any Russian atatck? And Sarah palin is in charge? Why do I suddenly feel like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs?



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