Praying for Palin

In 2008 Presidential Elections, off-beat, politics, Religion on October 1, 2008 by Editor Z

Following a slew of negative press, gaffes, misstatements, and rebuffs of the press; the Christian Conservatives that Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) has had so much difficulty enfusing with energy in the past, have been galvanized by the selection of the pro-gun, moose hunting fervently anti-choice and pro-abstinence, staunchly Christian Governor Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) (who like Obama does have some preacher problems of her own), as his running mate.

However, following a small two week lead that has now withered away by questions, press mishaps, a scandal in her home state over the firing of an Alaska Public safety comissioner and more; the possible appeal she once had that could draw independent voters seems to have been sullied greatly, and doubts have been raised even by some prominent conservative columnists.

But the ranks of the hard Christian right, have been undaunted by such developments, and with the stakes so high for Palin in Thursday night’s ST Louis , Missouri debate where she will go head to head with Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Sen. Joseph Biden (D- Delaware), there are now gatherings organized by many groups on the Christian hard right to pray for Palin during the debates.

CBN News:

This effort is being put together by The Christian Defense Coalition. They have a track record of holding prayer vigils and pro-life demonstrations on the big political and religious issues of the day. The Brody File has been told that big time Evangelical heavyweight Phyllis Schlafly will be there along with some members of Concerned Women for America, the Defense of Life group, homeschool groups and many more. In addition a co-chair from the Republican Party of Missouri will be there though I am told these events are not officially sanctioned by the GOP.

Organizer Reverend Patrick Mahoney tells me that if Palin wasn’t on the ticket they would not be holding rallies. But he says they want to make a loud and clear statement that she has energized the faith community in a real and tangible way. So they’ll be specifically praying for her and the issues that they believe she is passionate about like the life issue, traditional marriage, etc.

Given her atrocious responses and answers in interviews with CBS’s Katie Couric, Palin could probably use some divine intervention. At the same time though, much of this criticism of Palin and the public image of her as inept and unintellectual could be designed to lower expectations of Palin.



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