Gandhi Born this Day in 1869

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Today in 1869, Indian Independence leader, human rights activist, and civil disobedience pioneer Mohandas K Gandhi was born. He fought, not armed with the fist or sword, but with persistence and wisdom to free people everywhere (including in India) from the shackles of Empire’s bondage with his philosophy that sought to disarm enemies not through vitriol and acts of violence, but by shedding a light on the human condition and awakening our collective conscience.

By the end of his life, when an assassin erased Gandhi from this earth with mere gunshots, his legacy and work could not be erased from existence. The British empire once so imposing, domineering, and seemingly invinsible, had surrendered Inida to its native people. Some such as former failed Republican Presidential candidate Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN) might choose to deride Gandhi, but unliker so many he slept on the dry earth alongside his fellow man who were imprisoned in poverty and stood alongside when they stood tall. He may have been small in physique, but he was a colossal giant in character, accomplishment, and justice. The peaceful warrior, who was non violent but never passive.

Here is a clip from the illustrious 1982 best picture winner Gandhi (1982), about his life. In this scene Gandhi explains his philosophy.

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