Neocon: If Obama is Elected He will Allow Another Holocaust

In 2008 Presidential Elections, Chattering classes/punditry, Foreign Affairs, neoconservatives, politics on October 9, 2008 by Editor Z

Neocon Anne Bayefsky, writes on the National Review Online, that if Barack Obama is elected President, he will not prevent a “second holocaust”. I guess two wars in the Middle East just aren’t enough for the neocons.

Barack Obama isn’t just inexperienced. It isn’t naiveté that drives him. I take him at his word. He and his vice-presidential candidate believe in “talk, talk, talk” regardless of the hourglass or the stakes or the intentions of the person across the table. No amount of learning on the job is going to change their way of thinking. Approving the use of force to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons is a Rubicon they will not cross — before civilization as we know it comes to an end.

So when you cast your ballot this election, make no mistake: you are voting for or against a nuclear holocaust. Not because Barack Obama wants such a horror, but because he will not prevent it. He will still be talking when the point of no return in Iran’s nuclear program is reached. And the balance of power in the world will — with terrible consequences — have changed forever.

The neocons just don’t understand. The endeavour in Iraq has proven just how senseless, inept, and corrupt their ideology is. Lets get back to Foreign policy crafted that is based on facts and realism. So yes, Anne this election is crucial, so we don’t end up entangled in another Iraq style war.



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