You Reap What You Sow, McCain Tries to Quell Supporters Anger He Helped Stoke

In 2008 Presidential Elections, politics, racism, shameful on October 11, 2008 by Editor Z

The McCain campaign and their crowds have become increasingly unruly and jacobinical this week, as the campaign has raised questions and released ads about Obama’s connections with 1960s radical and Weatherman member William Ayers, whom Obama served with on an education reform board in Illinois years ago.

The volley of attacks began last weekend when Republican Vice Presidential candidate Governor Sarah Palin (R-Alaska)accused Obama of “Paling around with domestic terrorists”. Although Mccain did not raise the issue of Ayeres at this past week’s Presidential debate, Palin has continued being the chief point person on these attacks and McCain himself has said on several occasions at rallies this week that Obama’s relationship with Ayers needed to be further explored, and the campaign has released at least one ad on the subject.

Meanwhile at the McCain rallies in several states, as members in these audiences have become more and more unhinged, with audience members parroting Internet rumors and some shouting out when Barack Obama’s name is mentioned that responses from the crowd are outright hateful. Some audience members even branding Obama a “terrorist”, yelling “Kill him”, and those are just two.McCain’s campaign stops seem to be morphing into incubators of hate and what can only be described as political lynch mobs, as McCain supporters even slur a black camera man.

McCain has started a fire that he in essence can’t put out. it seems to be that it has all taken on a life of its own. Nevertheless, McCain seemed to be trying to put all this racous and even dangerous violent rhetoric back in the proverbial Pandora’s box.


At a town hall in Minnesota, McCain tried to tone down a week of raucous, angry crowds after one man stood up and said: “We want you to fight.”

“The people here in Minnesota want to see a real fight. We want a strong president to lead us through the next four years.”

“I think I got my marching orders,” McCain said. But then he shifted tones.

“I am enthusiastic and encouraged by the enthusiasm and I think it’s really good,” McCain said. “We have to fight and i will fight but we will be respectful. I admire Sen. Obama and his accomplishments and I want to be respectful.

“I dont mean that you have to lose your ferocity. I just mean you have to be respectful.”

A moment later, another woman stood up and urged McCain to speak up so voters “really have an understanding of who the candidates are.”

“There’s a difference between rhetoric and record,” McCain said, adding that Obama voted to raise taxes 94 times. “He has the most liberal voting record in the United States Senate, even more liberal than Bernie Sanders.”

Once again, McCain repeated, “I want all of you to tell your neighbors about the difference between rhetoric and record, but let’s do it respectfully.”

I doubt this moment will continue for the duration of the campaign. After all McCain’s ads bringing up the Ayers connection are still on the air, Palin is still stoking crowds with this, and talk radio is still aiding Mccain in promoting this. Meanwhile his supporters both inside and outside his rallies are becoming more and more unhinged. Here are a few of the most viralent and shocking examples:

> Anti-obama Billboard gets michiganders approval.

> The Smoking man pulls gun on Louisana Voter Registration offical saying “Keep the N*&er out of Office.”

> Video: McCain supporters accuse Obama of being a terrorist, Muslim, and socialist.

> Man shot for wearing Barack Obama t-shirt.

> Gun for sale on Craig’s List: If Obama Gets Elected.

> Huffington Post: McCain Campaign Now attacking Michelle Obama over Ayers Connections.

More acts of hate:

> Crooks and Man at palin Rally displays Monkey doll with Obama sticker.

> Crooks and Your an Obama Supporter? You can’t Park Here.

> Virgina Republican Party Chairman compares Barack Obama to Osama Bin Ladden, McCain reluctant to condemn remarks.

> Huffington Post: “Obama Bin Lyin” signs show up at McCain/Palin campaign rally.

Now someone tell me, what is so maverick about leading political lynch mobs? If McCain manages to pull this off and win, then what? His economic plan as President would probably be to change nothing else and just keep attacking Barack Obama. Now that isn’t maverick, that is just delusional.

I will update this post frequently as I hear of more vitrolic attacks and outright racism by McCain supporters and Anti-Obama forces. Stay tuned.



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