The Elderly Wanna Get a Little Prick at the Local Strip Bar

In hahahas, health, off-beat, Sex on October 18, 2008 by Editor Z

Well obviously by little prick I meant Flu Shot. Duh! What did you think I meant?

Orlando Sentinel:

Norma Smith was a little apprehensive about stepping inside Rachel’s for the first time Tuesday afternoon.

Smith, after all, is 77. And while she has often passed by this adult club, she never had the slightest desire to go inside.

But on this day, in addition to dancing women, Rachel’s was offering free flu shots to seniors.

So Smith cautiously stepped inside this dimly lit Casselberry club, allowing her eyes to adjust from the midday’s beaming sun. When they did, Smith paused

Standing before her was a woman in fishnet stockings whose smile was winning and whose bustier was losing — the battle with her cleavage, that is.

Smith returned the smile but later confided she was thinking: “Oh, dear. Is she the one giving me the shot?”

She was not. In fact, if naughty nurses were anywhere in the joint, they were pretty much ignored.

Today, the women in the spotlight were medical professionals. And the only thing they flashed were needles.

Still, the offering was enough to entice dozens of elderly residents: Retired couples. Daughters with their octogenarian mothers. Even a shuttle-load from a nearby Catholic church.
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Well they already do customer performed mammograms on the employees, why not flu shots?



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