Michelle Bachmann Channels Joseph McCarthy

In politics, shameful, U.S government, U.S History on October 19, 2008 by Editor Z

Former Red baiting Senator and Demagogue Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-WI).

If anyone was shocked by the McCartyistic divise remarks by Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R-MN 06) on Hardball with Chris Matthews on Friday night, they shouldn’t be. This woman who once ran a school that forbade the showing of Aladdin at her charter school because she believed it promotes Paganism, has ridden to power by exploiting such divise social issues to the point that many in her own party even think she has gone too far. She has exploited such divides, even at the price of obstructing the normal and most essential means of government functions.

I don’t know how accurate these specific claims are (after all my only sources to this are her wikipedia page and a post that states a number of different extreme positions by Bachmann at Democratic Underground), but based on her rhetoric and past comments, it wouldn’t be surprising.

In November 20, 2003, Bachmann proposed a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage and in 2004, Bachmann and a coalition of religious leaders announced plans for what was billed as a “Minnesota for Marriage” Rally. Sarah Janecek, co-editor of Politics in Minnesota and a Republican activist claimed that Bachmann had single-handedly ground the Senate to a halt with her demands for a vote on the gay marriage amendment and the entire Minnesota legislature found itself in a deadlock over the issue. In March, 2005, Bachmann again resurrected her obsession to get a legislative ban on same sex marriage and again was defeated. She appeared and spoke at another State Capitol rally for a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage.

Now she has vehemently anti-Gay positions, but lets put that aside for a minute. If this claim is real, it means that this Congresswoman who has shown herself to be a demagogue of the worst kind, is willing to bring the business of government to a halt in order to enhance her own political stature, classic McCarthyism.

Now I would like to think, and to a great extent do that the media and the American people would confront this woman, unlike the 1950s where for a period of time most if not all Americans were intimidated by McCarthy. Nevertheless, this woman should be watched if not voted out of office. Her rhetoric indicates she is a person that does not belong anywhere in a close proximity to power.

Again here is the petition for Congress to Censure Bachmann.

UPDATE: Bachmann now denies she ever made such comments. Obviously she does not remember that she was on a TV SHOW! They have video tape of it Congresswoman.


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