Sister Emmanuelle, Nun, Humanitarian, and Voice for the Poor Dead at Age 99

In Foreign Affairs, Justice, obituaries, Religion on October 20, 2008 by Editor Z

A Belgian Born Nun who has been compared to Mother Theresa for her devoted services to the poor, adherence to faith, and delivering the light of both God and humanity to enclaves of despair, blight and poverty; left this world and entered another, Monday at the age of 99.

By all accounts she sounds like someone who merely didn’t view her faith as an obligation to be pious and aggressively to convert others to her stripe of faith, but as someone who heals the wounds of humanity’s ills and forgotten. There are many figures in all religions in this day and age peppered on continents across this world we live, who could heed much from this woman, who viewed religion not a source to organize people for her own self interests. She believed that religion wasn’t talking about where you go after your life has concluded, but about what you do for your fellow beings and the earth that you will one day leave behind.

Yahoo News:

PARIS – Sister Emmanuelle, a nun who lived for years among scavengers in Cairo’s slums and who has been compared to Mother Teresa for her fight to defend the rights of the poor, died Monday at age 99.

A spokeswoman for her association, Sandrine de Carlo, said the Belgium-born nun died in her sleep at a retirement home in Callian, a town in southeastern France.

Sister Emmanuelle spent more than two decades working with Cairo’s zabbaleen, or garbage collectors, who eke out a living through scavenging. She helped create a network of clinics, schools and gardens to serve the children of the slums, and an association she founded now operates in eight countries, from Lebanon to Burkina Faso.

“She was a particularly significant personality of our time,” said the Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi. He compared her work with some of the most revered humanitarian workers of modern times, including Nobel laureate Mother Teresa.
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Her life was lengthy not only in years and decades, but in accomplishments. Those quiet and humble deeds.



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