Come on Baby Light My Fire

In History, off-beat, science, television, Thats Old School on October 27, 2008 by Editor Z

Well according to a new study, humans had the ability to make fire as early as 790,000 years ago. In turn fire allowed humans gathered in Africa (where civilization began) to move northwards from Africa to Europe, thereby altering the migration patterns of human history, and fire made much of that possible.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – A new study shows that humans had the ability to make fire nearly 790,000 years ago, a skill that helped them migrate from Africa to Europe.

By analysing flints at an archaeological site on the bank of the river Jordan, researchers at Israel’s Hebrew University discovered that early civilizations had learned to light fires, a turning point that allowed them to venture into unknown lands.

A previous study of the site published in 2004 showed that man had been able to control fire — for example transferring it by means of burning branches — in that early time period. But researchers now say that ancient man could actually start fire, rather than relying on natural phenomena such as lightning. More>>>



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