Obama Backers more Optimistic then McCain Voters

In 2008 Presidential Elections, television on November 3, 2008 by Editor Z

The disparity in optimism between the two campaigns is glarring.

While 43 percent of the Democrat Obama’s backers said they are excited over the campaign, just 13 percent of McCain’s said so, according to the survey of adults, conducted by Knowledge Networks. Six in 10 Obama supporters said the race interests them, compared to four in 10 backing McCain, the Republican senator from Arizona.

On the flip side, 52 percent of McCain supporters said the campaign has left them frustrated, compared to 30 percent of Obama’s. A quarter of McCain backers say they feel helpless, double the rate of those preferring Obama, the Illinois senator.

More McCain supporters also feel angry and bored, while Obama’s are likelier to say they are proud and hopeful.

I have thought time and time again, that this election for McCain backers and conservatives is the equivalent of the 2004 elections where those who cast a ballot for then Democratic Presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), few were enthusiastic in doing so, there vote was more in opposition to the Bush/Cheney administration. However now with the economy in shambles, an immensely unpopular war without end raging in the heart of Arabia for over half a decade now, and a nominee who has failed to inject enthusiasm into his party’s political base and repelled many independents with his negative campaigning and his choice of Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) as a running mate; conservatives find themselves in that same situation.

Ask an McCain backers about the current election and you are almost certain to be on the receiving end of some words and parroted talking points about Obama being a Muslim, or a socialist, or communist, or celebrity, or terrorist. Bill Ayers , Jemimah Wright, and a parade of other unsavory figures who have become hallmarks of the GOP talking points.

Just like in the McCain arguments over the past few months McCain himself has fostered this, by himself centering so much of his energies on demonizing Obama, while rarely providing a consistent and substantive image of his own.



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