Right Wing Senator wants Capitol Tourist Center Opening delayed Because Thier isn’t Enough God.

In politics, search for personal satisfaction, stupidity, television on December 4, 2008 by Editor Z

Hard line conservative Sen. Jim Demint (R-SC) threatened to call for a delay to the opening of the $621 million capitol tourist center because he says that it doesn’t focus enough on God.

Now first off I think the whole idea of a Capitol tourist center is a waste of money as it is. Though I have never been to Washington DC, I doubt very much a tourist center is a necessity. But that aside, we have an occupation in Iraq, a War in Afghanistan, terror attacks in India, Georgia invading Russia, 6.5% unemployment, a housing market in shambles, a record national debt, global climate change, a city that two years ago was battered by a powerful hurricane (that would be New Orleans), consolidated executive power, torture, and we are between Presidencies and the best thing this guy can do is whine about not enough God monuments, despite concessions already made to include more religion? This is the same guy who rails against any bailout for the auto industry and American workers, while asking the American people and the government to invest hundreds of million dollars more of our hard earned tax payer money, so he can curry favor with a few pat Robertson types?

Miami Herald:

Sen. Jim DeMint, a South Carolina Republican, had threatened to delay Tuesday’s opening of the marble-and-stone center that took seven years to build at triple the original cost.

The estimated 3 million people who tour the U.S. Capitol each year will now assemble in a grand monument-like building likely to become a tourist stop on its own.

After taking a tour of the visitor center in September with Steven Ayers, the architect of the Capitol who oversaw its completion, DeMint correctly noted that it had erroneously described “E. Pluribus Unum” – Latin for “from many, one” – as the national motto rather than “In God We Trust.”

Despite winning a months-long battle to highlight the importance of religion in American life, DeMint said the center still misrepresents American history by downplaying the faith of the founding fathers and other prominent figures.

People need to contact this guy and tell him that he shouldn’t be worrying about what amounts to a remodeling Job on capitol Hill when our National House in terms of image, economics, prosperity, promise, defense, and responsibility is a blaze. But his state seems to be going the same way.


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