Bare Your Sole

In Bush/Cheney Administration, Foreign Affairs, hahahas, internet, Iraq War on December 16, 2008 by Editor Z

Now you too can attempt to hit Bush with your shoe, well not literally but in this new internet game from India. It is harder then it looks.

On a more grim note however there are some reports that according to the reporter’s brother, the assailant has had amongst other injuries a hand broken while in the custody of the Iraqi military and is also being held without due process. Now unlike many in Iraq and some avenues of the blogosphere, as much as I despise this administration and what it stands for and to some degree can see why he and other Iraqis should be frustrated with Bush/Cheney, he should not be celebrated and should even receive a punishment of sort. He broke the law. But by the same token if reports are true, the Iraqi government seems to be excessive in its distribution of penalty here.



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