Happy Birthday, World War I Era Recordings Found

In History, Holidays, media, personal, World War I on December 20, 2008 by Editor Z

Well first off I want to thank those few people reading this and who have contacted me by others means for the Birthday wishes. Yes today I am 24 years old, that means I have left my print on this earth for nearly a quarter century now. Hope it stops snowing so I can make it to Northampton tonight.

Anyway the UK Daily Mail has an interesting piece on some rare phonograph recordings found and made public. They date back to 1913-1917 and feature the voices of a British family in the midst of World War I as the European continent and the world were enduring turmoil and devastation on a scale then unprecedented in Global History. The casualties would be numerous and three European Empires and the European Continent would undergo some of the most dramatic and historical shifts since the Napoleonic Wars.

They are heard celebrating either Christmas, as they sing carols and discuss their father being away at war. The roles were found by a man unrelated to the family who are identified as the Smith family. From a link embedded in the article in the Daily Mail you can hear the recordings.



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