The Massacre at Wounded Knee

In Injustice, Native Americans, Sioux Indians, U.S History, Video on December 30, 2008 by Editor Z

It was yesterday, December 29 in 1890 when the Massacre at Wounded Knee took place. Following months and years of being pawns in the game of the Federal Government and members of the U.S Bureau of Indian affairs, facing starvation, poverty, and shelter on a massive scale, where the government not only was negligent but helped exacerbated the situation, the U.S Army opened fire on hundreds of members of the Lakota Sioux, at Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota. As many as 200-300 were killed. Amidst the carnage were women, children, and elderly. They die freezing to death, their blood staining the snows. Even the children who were fled and were promised that their lives would be spared if they emerged from hiding after the gunfire ceased, were slaughtered.


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