Alberto Gonzalez, Casualty of the War on Terror?

In Bush/Cheney Administration, neoconservatives, stupidity on December 31, 2008 by Editor Z


It seems hard to beat the post yesterday where former Bush Administration Social security Administrator
Tony Campbell’s remark that the saddest part of the 9/11 Attacks was what it did to the Bush Presidency. But via TPM Muckraker one can see that in a recent interview that disgraced former Attorney General and Bush loyalist Alberto Gonzalez who was so inept, corrupt, and wedded to Bush that the administration eventually had to capitulate to the bi-partisan calls for his resignation, sat down with the Wall Street Journal for what is said to be probably his biggest interview since leaving the Bush administration.

Despite being accused of approving controversial and critics say unconstitutional techniques of rendition, interrogation, and warantless surveillance during his tenure first as White House legal Counsel from 2001-2005 and then as U.S Attorney General between 2005 and 2007, as well as displaying no independent judgement, turning the U.S Justice Department into a department of Bush/Cheney conservatives, and improperly firing a number of U.S Attorney’s to be replaced with more partisan appointees, he seems oblivious to why he was criticized so much.

In fact he tries to paint himself almost as a martyr, and a so-called “casualty, one of the many casualties of the war on terror”. Pity Party for Gonzo everyone!

“What is it that I did that is so fundamentally wrong, that deserves this kind of response to my service?” he said during an interview Tuesday, offering his most extensive comments since leaving government.

During a lunch meeting two blocks from the White House, where he served under his longtime friend, President George W. Bush, Mr. Gonzales said that “for some reason, I am portrayed as the one who is evil in formulating policies that people disagree with. I consider myself a casualty, one of the many casualties of the war on terror.


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