Henry Kissinger and Allen Ginsberg Nude?

In Fun with Richard Nixon, off-beat, U.S History, Vietnam War on December 31, 2008 by Editor Z


What is more interesting and stranger then the infamous Nixon tapes? How about the tapes of the National Security Adviser and U.S Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. In one of the recordings Kissinger, discuss efforts to end the war in Vietnam with the always eccentric Gay Beat Generation poet and 1960s icon Allen Ginsberg.

Check out this combination between the poet and the former Nixon administration official about of all things, posing naked on television. Now does it get much more strange and cringe worthy then that? I will just let this excerpt from the exchange speak for itself.

K: I have been meeting with many members representing peace groups but what I find is that they have always then rushed right out and given the contents of the meeting to the press. But I like to do this, not just for the enlightment of the people I talk to but to at least give me a feel of what concerned people think. I would be prepared to meet in principle on a private basis.

G: That’s true but it is a question of personal delicacy. In dealing with human conscienceness, it is difficult to set limits.

K: You can’t set limits to human conscienceness but —

G: We can try to come to some kind of understanding.

K: You can set limits to what you say publicly.

G: It would be even more funny to do it on television.

K: What?

G: It would be even more useful if we could do it naked on television.

K: (Laughter )

G: It might be too ______ but under some kind of circumstances. What shall I tell them that would be encouraging?

K: That I would think about it very seriously.

G: Good deal.


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