Pat Robertson’s Annual Look into the Future

In Apocolypse Coming, off-beat, politics, Religion, television on January 5, 2009 by Editor Z

Christian Broadcast Network Founder, “700 Club” host, former Presidential Candidate, and the Lady Cleo of the Christian right, Pat Robertson following a New Years conference has shared his annual prophecies with we the regular human beings again. It is a tradition that happens around New Years, where according to Robertson the Lord tells him things every year to inform the rest of us of with mixed success at best.

Yes, the guy who endorsed Rudy Gulliani for President because he believed he was the one most likely to win the Republican nomination, believes he can predict the future.

But to ensure that Robertson does not discredit the heavenly father, he gives this disclaimer:

“I say with humility, I hope I’ve heard the Lord. I spend time praying and asking him for wisdom and if there’s a mistake, it’s not his fault, it’s mine,” Robertson said.

Among this years predictions Obama will bring socialism to America under the guise of a new New Deal.

Boston Herald:

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. _ Citing information he says is from God, Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson said Friday that America is headed for veritable socialism as well as an economic rebound under President-elect Barack Obama in 2009.

“What the Lord was saying, the people are willing to accept socialism to alleviate their pain,” Robertson said on a broadcast of “The 700 Club.” Robertson hosts the program, which is aired from the Christian Broadcasting Network studios in Virginia Beach.

Robertson said the economy, particularly the stock market, could start rebounding by the second quarter.

“Cast off the gloom and the doom because things are getting ready to turn around,” he said. “I’m flying in the face of all of the experts or most of the experts who say, ’Oh no, no, no, it’s going to get worse,’ but I don’t think so.”

So the people will accept socialism, what is said to be a disastrous economic and political structure by many including Robertson himself, but nevertheless the economy will rebound? The often off-beat and controversial Robertson Friday is also said to have branded Islam a “Religion of Hate” and has said that it is “losing its grip” (kind of like Pat Robertson himself).

On Friday, Robertson said God told him Islam was losing its grip on Muslims repelled by the violence and bloodshed of a “religion of hate.”

He also said Russia would create a multinational coalition to gain control of Middle Eastern oil supplies.

Now if God was really sending messages to someone, one would think that by now he would choose someone with a little bit more credibility. You know someone who doesn’t make such a fool of himself?



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