On This Date: Crazy Horse

In Native Americans, Sioux Indians, U.S History on January 8, 2009 by Editor Z

The Oglala Sioux leader and Shirt Wearer (war lord) Crazy Horse, and his warriors fought their last major battle in the Montana territories, the Battle of Wolf Mountain against the U.S Calvary. There they were defeated and strayed off in their own ways with the remnants of Crazy Horse’s band of men surrendering at Fort Robinson in Nebraska in May of that year.Crazy Horse was revered and brave, according to his Sioux contemporaries Crazy Horse saw visions and was fearless in battle against both the U.S military and rival Indian tribes.

“Crazy Horse” is probably best known for his part in the infamous Battle of Little Bighorn, where he, his fellow Oglala Sioux Warriors and the Cheyenne Indians combined forces and led the U.S Calvary led by U.S General George Armstrong Custer into one of the biggest defeats of the U.S Military in its History.


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